Educational Enrichment

At the Owl’s Nest, we want children to experience more than a regular academic curriculum, to ensure that every child has opportunities to develop their potential. By providing a diverse education it allows individuals to develop personally and find areas in which they can achieve.

Gifted and Talented children can find areas where they can be nurtured to reach the highest possible levels. Children are encouraged to develop their communication and social skills through a combination of structured play and more formal learning, with a caring atmosphere ensuring that they feel secure. An emphasis on outdoor activities helps their physical development, while creativity is promoted through arts and crafts, role-play and music making.


Our computer suite allows children from our reception class onwards, to benefit from the use of ICT in all areas of their learning. The school also has an Interactive Projector and this is used with children of all ages from Nursery to Key Stage 1. It is proving to be a wonderful learning tool. Children are introduced to early literacy and numeracy concepts.

These are then strengthened and deepened during the reception year to provide a firm foundation for future learning. We aim to discover and nurture each child’s individual talents, carefully monitoring their progress to ensure that they continually receive an appropriate level of challenge.

As they progress through nursery, children are introduced to early literacy and numeracy concepts.


Our curriculum is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and National Curriculum for England at Key Stage One (Years 1 & 2)

Children can be admitted to the Owl’s Nest from 16 months to 7 years.