Primary Years

We aim to nurture a love of learning in every child through our rich, stimulating and diverse curriculum, designed to develop a focused approach to study.

High aspirations and low class numbers enable all our children to successfully realise their potential. We set a limit on the number of pupils per class so you can be assured that your child will receive the care and attention they need.

Standards are set high and the academic results and children leaving the school come the end of Year Two reflect that. A friendly atmosphere is conducive to learning and it really shows here. From the Nursery through to Primary School, our children are happy and achieving excellent results. Come and see for yourself. We would be delighted to show you round the school.


An innovative, creative curriculum, reflecting the best practice in the UK. Differentiated lessons, pinpointing children’s personal learning targets, are identified throughout the curriculum; assessment is both formative and summative, allowing teachers to build up a picture of the ‘whole child’. Throughout all phases of education within the Primary School we value academic rigour, along with providing opportunities to enable children to achieve their full potential, in a wide range of creative and expressive subjects.

We also actively encourage exploration, innovative problem solving, independent expression and decision making. As a result, children become informed, confident and active learners with a strong sense of self and are well prepared for their future.

We offer National Curriculum for England at Key Stage One (Years 1 & 2) subjects:

• English
• Mathematics
• Science
• Art
• Drama
• Dance
• Design and Technology
• Geography
• History
• Information Communication Technology (ICT)
• Music
• Physical Education (PE) including swimming and games
• Religious Education

Extra Curricular Activities 

While academic results are very important, we believe children should have opportunities to excel in a wide variety of activities. We provide a kaleidoscope of extra-curricular activities and school events which support our rich and varied education programmes.

We encourage the children to participate in a full range of activities including piano, ballet, gymnastics and swimming, as well as other activities to choose from. Activities such as these, help children to become independent individuals by encouraging experimentation, exploration and learning through both structured and self-directed activities.


Our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum for England at Key Stage One (Years 1 & 2)

Children can be admitted to the Owl’s Nest from 4 years to 7 years.